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Making tracks toward my birthday

I'm currently prepping for my big birthday on May 30th.

Although I do indeed plan to celebrate, activities do not include party preparations. Rather, I'm determined to run one mile on my birthday. (Gasp – in so many ways! #itshardbeingme)

But not if it kills me; so I'm building up to the big event.

I started small, as most long-haul journeys require. Picking up sticks was my initial activity. The walk-squat/bend-over-lift sequence got my muscles moving, adrenaline pumping… and my yard cleaned up. Throwing the sticks onto the burn pile (action shot provided) added some upper-body toning.

I've worked in some core-strengthening exercises: planks, bridges, leg lifts. And my personal favorite, which makes me feel like a modern-day conquistador: the backward somersault, without the sault (flip). This is not a sight for the squeamish, as it involves me lying on my back and stretching to put my toes above my head. (Just picturing that can make you wince, right? #itshardbeingyou)

I am now actually running. Although, let's be honest, my pace would best be compared with my younger-self's brisk walking speed. But this is the new reality, and I'm literally running toward it. I can now run two-thirds of a mile and I believe I'm on track to meet my goal. Stay tuned.

Curious about how I might look while performing this feat, I asked the internet gods: At what age does a woman look old?

I got this answer from an article in Marie Claire magazine, quoting Dr. Michelle Yagoda, a facial plastic surgeon:

"For Caucasian women, it's typically around the late-30s." (Looking forward to passing that info along to my 35-year-old daughter...) "This is when fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes, less-elastic skin, and brown spots and broken capillaries from accumulated sun damage crop up."


Fair warning to any unsuspecting witnesses to my run for the gold...


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